VM Systems is the distributor for Konnekt in Alberta only. If you wish to contact for more information for the rest of Canada, please phone the American branch at 661-324-9044 ext 102.

The Konnekt Videophone is incredibly simple, designed specifically for the very elderly and those with dementia, hearing loss or acquired brain injury. It is the first phone that helps slow dementia onset/progression, as shown by OHSU studies, thanks to its face-to-face calling ability. The Auto Answer feature enables trusted family to check in visually, with 2-way video and sound. Win back independence for your loved one!

The Benefits of the Konnekt Videophone

Falls, illness: Reduce the worry when they don’t answer. If for any reason the Videophone user is unable to answer, incoming calls from trusted contacts can be answered automatically, so you can see and hear what is going on.

Emergencies: Statistics show that 80% of those with emergency pendants/bracelets do not wear them. Videophone lets you check on your loved one, without intruding on privacy, if they haven’t “checked in”… and if they do press the emergency button, it gives you a fast way of looking into the home, and reacting faster and more appropriately.

Reduce loneliness. Social isolation and loneliness are linked to depression, poor sleep, heart disease, dementia, and other severe health issues. A recent OHSU study shows that FACE-TO-FACE contact, at least three times a week, specifically with family & friends, reduces social isolation and halves the risk of depression.

Health and Happiness: Quickly assess facial expressions, smiling eyes, shaky hands, quivering lips, facial lines/dryness, grooming, personal hygiene and other visual signs.
Be the best care-giver you can be!

Restore independence, end frustration. Stay at home longer, or ease the transition into Aged Care. The one-touch Konnekt Videophone is the World’s Simplest Videophone. No menus, logins or passwords. No icons or apps. No computer skills required, whatsoever. A proven solution, it’s MUCH easier than an iPad/tablet or a regular telephone.

Enhance safety and security. Online scammers are a costly and terrifying threat to the vulnerable. Videophone completely blocks unsolicited calls, solicitations and contact requests from strangers. For those in a nursing home, it can replace the need for a regular telephone, and reduce the burden on staff.

Improve communication. Non-verbal communication (lip reading, body language, nods and other signs of understanding) can double comprehension, lift levels of empathy and improve understanding. Smiles are contagious!

Mitigate impairments. For many of our users with poor mobility, hearing or vision, dementia, or shaky hands, Videophone is the only way they can communicate with family & friends.

See remote friends. Travel can be difficult, time-consuming, costly and sometimes impossible. See distant relatives and interstate / overseas family and friends, as often as you want, as long as you like, without any travel or call costs for either of you and without the fear of “bill shock”.


Videophone Bundle includes:

  • Konnekt 15-inch white Videophone
  • Desktop Kick-stand with rubber feet
  • Step-by-step guide and Konnekt phone/Skype assistance during setup
  • Setup of all contacts, colours, ringtone, volume and other Preferences
  • Setup of Auto Answer for authorized callers
  • Konnekt 12-month Warranty (Return to Base)

Monthly Fee includes:

  • Unlimited face-to-face calls with anyone in the world on Skype
    (Skype is free to install on their smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac)
  • Unlimited calls to standard phones within Canada (or other country as agreed with Konnekt)
  • Access to Konnekt Call Centre for assistance
  • On-going Videophone software and Skype updates
  • Additions & changes done at your request, without anyone needing to visit

*Internet is required (Ethernet or Wi-Fi). Monthly fee required.

30-Day Trial

Limited 30-Day Trial includes:

  • Konnekt 15-inch white Videophone
  • Desktop kick-stand with rubber feet
  • Step-by-step guide, and Konnekt phone/Skype assistance during setup
  • Setup of up to 4 contacts, colours, ringtone, volume and other Preferences
  • Setup of Auto Answer for authorized callers

Refundable Security Deposit

At the end of the 30-Day-Trial, return the Videophone and other equipment in good condition, and your deposit will be refunded.
Easily switch from 30-Day Trial to Purchase

*Internet is required (Ethernet or Wi-Fi). 30-Day Trial is restricted to a maximum of 4 Call Buttons. This can be extended as soon as you’re happy to keep your Videophone and switch to Purchase.

For pricing and all other information, please contact us!