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Why We’re Great

These seven principles will govern all of our work, and will be cornerstone of our company’s commitment to you. If your current provider regularly breaks any or all of these principles, you should contact us for a consultation right away.

1. We will respond promptly to all inquiries. Requests for service, emails, and phone calls will be responded to promptly, and regularly. We hear horror stories on a daily basis from companies waiting several days, weeks, or months for response from their current provider. Our standard is that employees will check voice-mails, email, and the help desk queue on a regular basis and triage those messages based on customer-need. Emergencies will always be responded to with the utmost urgency, and Encore Network Solutions is committed to resource availability when you need it.

2. When we’re working for you, we’re focused on your tasks and your priorities and not dealing with other customers. Our people will never bill you for conversations with other customers, bill multiple-customers simultaneously, or do anything to detract from their focus on your project, and your needs.

3. We stand behind our work: We don’t bill you for our mistakes. Nobody’s perfect. On the rare occasion when we make a mistake, we’ll own up to it and make it right. If you’re just not satisfied, we’ll work until you’re satisfied. If you can’t be satisfied, we’ll gracefully back out and recommend somebody else to help you.

4. We’ll recommend the right tools for the job, every time. No “refurbished” (read: used) junk that will break over and over and cost you a small-fortune to maintain. Our recommendations are based on your needs, and we have the knowledge and courage of our convictions to explain in detail why our solution is just flat-out better.

5. Your bill will accurately reflect the work and products you’ve authorized purchasing, and it will explicitly spell out what you’re paying for. No one-line “mystery bills” that don’t outline what you’re paying for.

6. Project work will have a negotiated, written scope-of-work that will define deliverables, due-dates, and payment terms. This practice guarantees your satisfaction because you know, up front, what you’ll be getting, how much you’ll be paying for it, and when you’ll need to have checks ready. This takes the guesswork out of the budgeting process for you–when you commit to a project you’ll know exactly when you’ll need money to pay for it.

7. If we can’t do it, we’ll tell you so and recommend somebody who can help you. We’re not grubbing for every project and job we can get our hands on–we want projects that match our skills so we can deliver superior results. Its about quality, not quantity.