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VM-Systems is a network consulting and technical outsourcing company based in Canada. Our business is using the latest information technologies to turn ideas into working solutions for our clients.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the maximum value for their IT investments while minimizing the costs of technical support.

VM-Systems provides the highest quality of service for companies and users across Canada. We bring over 20 years of experience delivering computer technology to business and are proud of our dedication to customer satisfaction, providing quality service and support for a constantly changing IT world. Our commitment to technological mastery and speedy resolution of problems will position any business of any size to take full advantage of the hardware and software they employ.

At VM-Systems, we constantly strive to forge successful relationships with our clients by offering the very best in technical support and consulting services. Our commitment to the strength and stability of our clients is what sets VM-Systems apart from other companies, because our clients are best summed up in one word…Partners!

This web site is updated frequently so check back often. If you are a customer of VM-Systems you will find links to all the technologies you are using in your business, software updates, and new technologies that have taken the IT world by storm! If you are a future customer you will find information about the company, the people, and the services that will help you to get to know us.