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VM Systems is a computer and network consulting services company based in Vegreville, Alberta, Canada, established in 1990. We offer big-business Information Technology (I.T.) advantages to small and mid-sized business clients.

We take completely different approach than other support companies you have dealt with. Rather than waiting for you to discover problems and call us, we are proactive and find small problems before they become big calamities – saving you hours of downtime and frustration.

Our Managed Services Portfolio gives you the protection and stability you need to keep your IT infrastructure running at peak performance.

By implementing a technology plan that meets your needs, we will work with you to ensure that your data is safe, your systems are in good health and you will not be at the mercy of a computer problem.

Let us show you how proactive IT management can discover problems before they become big interruptions to your business – saving you downtime, frustration and money.

You can concentrate on your business while we concentrate on managing your IT.

VM Systems Managed Security Services

VM Systems Managed Backup and Business Continuity Services